Can One Learning App Suit All Learning Levels, Abilities, And Habits?

Different Learning Levels, Abilities, and Habits
Different Learning Levels, Abilities, and Habits

“Every child is unique; therefore, their Education should be too”

Jeannie Fulbright

Have you heard many things truer than this lately? No right? Like we all have been there as a part of and have been an observer at some point from the outside. Every school-going child out there is unique in their own way, especially when it comes to learning. That is an outcome of their diverse set of learning levels, abilities, and habits.

Some are good in their studies and score great on exams. Some are good at sports and not so good at studies but they manage to keep up. At the same time may not be good at either but manage to keep moving forward. This can go on endlessly but the overall point is that every child has a unique learning level, ability, and habits and so are their outcomes. 

Knowing that what do you think the answer to the first question can be? Can one app come up to help them all in achieving the best of their potential regardless of their different learning levels, abilities, and habits? It is hard to believe, but the answer to that question is “YES.” How? With the answer to that, as we like to leave no page unturned, let us give you examples of these different learning levels, abilities, and habits. 

With that, we’ll give you an idea about how iPrep- the learning app for K-12, can facilitate a suitable learning experience for all these unique learning levels, abilities, and habits.

You might wonder why is iPrep designed in such a way that can match all learning levels, abilities, and habits. It is because we believe that even though every child is unique and different from the others, they all should have equal access to quality education. 

Are you Excited? You better be, as we are too excited to bring this to the table. 

Different Learning Levels

We have divided all kinds of learners into three different levels of learning. In this section, we’ll explain each level. We will then explain how iPrep can help them learn effectively individually. 

The Know it All level

These kinds of learners take no time to understand and learn concepts. Being highly attentive and engaged in classes, they mostly grasp the learnings when taught for the very first time. To elaborate, these learners grasp the entire topic or concept when taught by a teacher or tutor or when they watch a video, read a book, or listen to audio. 

A very common term used for these kids is “Achievers,” which is a reflection of the achievements they unlock academically. However, don’t get us wrong, we don’t believe or agree with this terminology; we only used it for you to relate to what we are talking about.

They are mostly up to date according to the curriculum followed in their school, and their grasping power is great. So, when they resort to a learning app for something, let’s say a topic, they need no more explanation as they already have a decent understanding and knowledge of the same. They only require some practice to fix the knowledge they gained in their minds. 

How can iPrep help them? 

The iPrep app, as we proudly claim, has enabled learning content suitable for all. There is no specified procedure you need to follow to learn with iPrep. So if a learner can grasp everything given in a topic at once, they can open the iPrep app and directly start with the practice tests. 

Solving questions in the practice tests will assure them that they can learn everything only when taught once, and it will fix the knowledge in their minds. 

Also, iPrep gives access to the learning content of all classes from 1st to 12th in one single subscription. So if these learners want to go beyond their current grade and prepare for future grades, they can do it with iPrep. 

The Know Some, not All level

These learners also understand topics or concepts but only up to some level. They are also attentive in class, but due to not having complete attention or some other issue, they cannot grasp entirely what is taught in class. They also try to keep up with the curriculum but, unfortunately, cannot do it completely. 

These kinds of kids are usually called Average Students in school. Again, we do not believe or agree with this terminology; we are only using it for you to relate better to what we are discussing. 

These students require a bit more explanation over the concepts or topics they were taught and maybe some personalized learning source. It will ensure that they completely understand what they are trying to learn. 

How can iPrep help them? 

As we already discussed, iPrep has a solution for all. So, for these students, there are highly enjoyable and easy-to-grasp animated video lessons enabled in the app. These videos can provide them with detailed explanations and personalized learning, which they seek to achieve a complete understanding of topics or concepts. 

After watching the videos, they can shift to practice to test their knowledge and ensure effective learning by achieving complete mastery of the topic-wise practice. 

If they believe they have complete knowledge of something, they can start with the practice first. Suppose, unfortunately, they are not able to solve questions. In that case, they can switch to animated video lessons, learn from them and then attempt to practice again. 

They can watch and practice, practice and watch and repeat the process as often as they want until they can achieve that perfect mastery. 

The Beginner Level

These learners are the learners who just do not get what is taught in class. How? Maybe due to not paying much attention. But the biggest issue here is that some of them are still unable to grasp even after paying complete attention to the class. 

But how is that possible? Maybe because they have some historical learning gaps that stop them from grasping what is being taught to them. 

Let us explain with a hypothetical example- Suppose a student named Akash was unable to understand the topic addition when it was taught in 1st grade. However, he still managed to pass and got promoted to 2nd grade. Now, no matter how hard he tries, will he be able to understand when the teacher teaches the multiplication chapter in 2nd grade? Not quite possible, right? 

These learners are mostly and unfortunately termed as “Below Average” or “Underachievers”. 

These learners are in the most need of help, but they usually cannot ask for it. They fear being judged or labeled, as the terms we just mentioned. 

These learners require special empowerment to clear all their learning gaps before they start learning what is in the course of their current class without judgment. That is because if they keep on trying to learn advanced levels of topics or subjects without having their fundamentals cleared, the learning experience will never be up to the mark or even considerably good. 

How can iPrep help them? 

Now the obvious solution to the issue which these kinds of learners usually face is clearing their learning gaps. But is there a solution that will go out of its way to help these learners learn what they should have learned in their previous grades? 

Yes, there is iPrep. The learning app removes all the barriers to effective learning by empowering learners to learn unlimitedly. 

As we already discussed, iPrep gives access to all classes in one single subscription. So, a learner with a historical learning gap can easily switch to a junior grade. They can then clear their learning gaps by consuming that class’s content and then return to their current class to learn what lies in their course.

This time, effective learning won’t be difficult for them, and no one will judge these learners on their learning level. With iPrep, we never judge; we are just consistently there to help. 

Now, we believe that you understand different learning levels and how iPrep can be useful for them all. So, let’s understand different learning abilities and how iPrep can facilitate learning experiences that suit them all. 

Different Learning Abilities  

In this section, we have divided all learners into three different learning abilities. We’ll explain each of these abilities and how iPrep can help them all effectively. 

The Too Much at Once Learners 

These learners can learn too much at once which is too effective. These kinds of learners do not believe in learning daily. So, they usually study once a week, once a month, or sometimes right before the exam dates. But they can still manage well and show a good academic record. They have a fast grasping ability, and so they move through various topics, chapters, or even subjects quickly and swiftly. 

The On and Off Learners   

Just like “Too much at once learners”, even these learners do not study daily. But for them, it is not like they don’t want to. It is like they cannot. They can only learn once in a while, and then they require breaks after that. These learners are the ones who cannot consume learning regularly and require breaks between their learning sessions for effective learning. 

These breaks can last for days or even weeks. Taking these breaks is the only way these learners can continue learning effectively. If they were to study daily, they would not be able to grasp everything effectively. 

Slow and Steady Learners  

The ability of these kinds of learners lies in learning slowly and consistently. They cover some parts of their course daily and prepare themselves well for the exams. They start self-learning from the very beginning of the grade and never rush things. 

How can iPrep help them all?

As we already told you, iPrep empowers its learners with access to unlimited learning. Now, what is that? It means that in the iPrep app, there is no limit to how much content you can consume in a given time. To elaborate, you can watch as many animated video lessons, attempt as many practice sets or tests read as many books, or revise with as many notes as suits you best. 

There won’t be anyone to stop you from learning too much or push you to learn more. Our enjoyable and engaging content will be enough to ensure that to maintain an optimum level and that you are well-prepared before your exams.  

For all our learners and especially for the On and Off learners who need a break after giving a certain amount of time to studies, the iPrep app has a digital books library. It is a fantastic collection of stories, poems, inspiring biographies, and books on Arts, Literature, Science, and much more. 

So, iPrep can also help with having a productive and inspiring break from studies. 

Different Learning Habits 

Every student out there learns in their own way. They have unique learning habits in terms of self-study, which they may have developed with time and may have proven effective. A few examples of these habits are-

Some learners revise whatever was taught to them in school just after coming back home and then dedicate the rest of the day to playing or other activities. 

Some spend the entire day playing, coaching, tuition, or other hobbies and then revise the night before sleeping. 

Whereas, Some may spend the entire week going to school, coaching, or tuition without self-study but then cover it all over the weekend

And then come those who go to school and tuition regularly but only try to do self-study and revision when their exams are near. 


The types of these habits are uncountable, but iPrep can still empower them all to learn effectively. How? Don’t worry, we won’t go before telling. 

How can iPrep empower them all?

Together with no usage limit, no judgment, and no restrictions, the iPrep app also comes with no pre-decided schedule. So, we will not decide when you should study, how much you should study, and for how long. 

It is you who gets to decide your learning journey; we’ll just be consistently there to empower you to learn effectively. How will we do that? With our highly enjoyable, comprehensive, and effective learning content present in the iPrep learning app. 


To conclude, we believe that we were able to answer the question in the title. We b that we were able to show you how iPrep can be the right choice for you if you are a school-going learner or for your child if you are a parent of one. No matter what learning level you or your child belong to and what learning abilities and habits you or your child carry, iPrep will be fit for all. 

The only thing which remains is the willingness to learn. Our enjoyable and engaging content is sure to boost that to some extent, but the final choice still lies in your hands. That is why we say-

With iPrep, learn according to what sets you apart

But when you do it, give it all of your Head and Heart

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