Creating A Non-Judgemental Learning Experience For K-12

Non Judgmental Learning

How can you not know the answer to this being in the 10th class? How can you not solve this question when everyone else can? Sorry if it reopens your healed wounds but have you ever been subjected to similar questions? Or have you witnessed someone around you being subject to this kind of judgement? Have you ever personally wished for a non-judgemental learning experience?

If yes, then you must know how harshly this kind of judgement takes away your confidence as an individual. It makes you a subject of amusement, and you suddenly feel incompetent to be where you are. You get silenced, avoid eye contact, and start questioning your potential and learning style when you were just trying to clarify a doubt or answer a question. 

We ask why this practice of judging learning styles is so common that everyone in school or who went to one is familiar with it. 

How can we offer a joyful and non-judgemental learning environment to our students? What’s the way to do that? 

One of the ways that we know is a personalised approach to learning. Now, what is that? 

“Personalised learning” is a term used to describe the practice of tailoring educational experiences and methods to meet the unique needs of every learner. It is an effective means of enhancing student engagement, motivation, and achievement, reducing boredom, and taking away judgemental factors to a great extent. 

Let’s explain it with an example. So, when a student goes through a learning experience where what they learn when they’ll learn it and their learning outcome is already decided by the learning source, it is the traditional way of learning. In short, the learning source decides what will or should be the learning style of its students. We all have experienced it in schools, tuition, or coaching classes. 

But, when the students make the decisions like- what do they want to learn first? How do they want to learn it? When do they want to learn? and How much they want to learn in a given time according to their learning needs? The learning source that facilitates this and gives them the power to make these decisions is called personalised learning. This kind of learning targets the fact that not every child has the same learning pace, ability, and motivation. So, it caters suitably to these differentiators to ensure an effective learning experience for all. 

As discussed, this personalised approach to learning does a lot of good to school students’ learning experiences. Still, most importantly, it takes away the judgemental aspect to a great extent. With iPrep, however, we did our best to take it to the next level. With our Non-Judgemental learning app, we take away the judgemental factors completely. 

And why will we not? We are not here to judge the young minds of our society. We are here to consistently help them learn better and best of their ability.

Now, before we tell you how we do that, let’s first discuss what pushed us to facilitate that. Let’s discuss how these judgements negatively affect learning- something we wish a child never experiences. 

How Do Judgements Affect Learning?

When students are consistently judged for their learning style, it creates a lot of barriers to effective learning-

  • Students feel embarrassed about their own learning styles, leading to low self-esteem and a reluctance to try new things
  • They may avoid seeking clarification over doubts as to how they are doing, leading to confusion and frustration
  • They may feel like they are not performing as well as others, further damaging their self-confidence
  • Students who are consistently judged don’t have the confidence to explore their natural strengths to learn at their best.
  • They may also avoid voluntary activities or subjects that they know will be assessed because it carries the risk of being labelled as not good enough.
  • In some cases, students may even start to avoid school altogether. This is because they no longer see any point in trying when they know that failure is always looming and don’t want to take that risk.
Angry Teacher

Lets’ go beyond how it can affect students. Let’s assume you are a corporate or government employee, a businessman, a freelancer, or in any possible profession. Suppose you are to receive consistent judgements over how you work, carry yourself, and how others are doing or can do better than you. In that case, you will be able to deliver your best. 

You will be too conscious of taking risks. You may even try to isolate yourself. Your way of working will be tailored to meet the standards that can avoid these kinds of judgements, or you’ll take a different path than planned to prove your worth to others. You may or may not achieve great heights, but neither will be the outcome you wished for. 

That’s precisely what these judgements result in. We at iPrep saw this as a significant issue. We did our best to develop a completely Non-Judgemental learning solution. How did we implement that? Hold tight as we go deep into understanding that in the next section.  

Our Efforts To Make Our App Non-Judgemental

With iPrep, the one-stop learning app for K-12, we have implemented various ideas. Following those ideas, we provide multiple features and entitlements that make our learning app entirely non-judgemental and personalised. What are those? Let’s find out. 

The Unlimited Access

With iPrep, we provide every learner with unlimited access to our learning resources. To elaborate, there is no limit to how a child wants to use our learning app. We do it using various features and design characteristics which include-

Class change feature

No matter what class you are in and what class content you want to consume, iPrep will never ask why. We with iPrep provide access to all classes from 1st to 12th in one single subscription. 

If you cannot understand something taught in your current class due to some learning gap and want to learn from the basics taught in the previous standard- do it. Similarly, if you are done learning what is being taught in your current class and want to explore or even know what’s in the next standard- do it. Don’t worry; you won’t be judged. 

Language Change Feature

Every piece of content on iPrep very effectively runs in two languages, i.e. English and Hindi. Learners can switch between these two languages whenever they want without explaining why.

So, if you cannot understand something in English, try understanding it in Hindi and vice versa. Again, don’t worry, you won’t be judged. 

Multiple content categories

The iPrep app is filled with a wide range of content categories. We have animated video lessons, Practice, Tests, Course books, Class notes, a Digital book library, project videos and whatnot. These multiple categories are designed keeping in mind that not every child will find a single content category perfect for learning and growth. 

Therefore, we have facilitated all these categories for our learners without adding any processes or limitations for their consumption. We will for sure advise you to explore them all for a complete learning experience from all angles but in the end, it is the learner who’ll decide what suits their learning needs and style best and what they’ll use for learning.    

The Universal Access

No matter what device you carry or want to use for learning, old or new, mobile phone or tab, TV or laptop, or even projector, iPrep will be the same and will provide the same learning experience. The same goes for the operating system of your device. If it is IOS, Android, Linux, Windows or macOS, iPrep will run the same. We will not ask you to invest in a new or high-end device for using our app. The only requirement is a smart device, and we are good to go. No judgments were passed there as well. 

No Comparison

The time learners receive their scores for exams in school is the time these judgements are as high as ever. Students face comparisons with their classmates based on their scores or how well they did. Here, those who scored well don’t face any judgements, whereas the ones who weren’t able to score well, these are the hardest times for them. They face comparison with the good-scoring ones, not just in school but also at home.

Not going into self-doubt and not losing motivation becomes tough at these times. But that is not the case with iPrep. 

The iPrep learning app never compares its learners’ learning styles or outcomes. The only thing we do is keep you updated with your progress and the level of mastery you achieved in various topics. 

Consistent Feedback For Your Practice

Yet another feature in the iPrep app that can help you in learning effectively in a non-judgemental manner. It is a consistent and unbiased feedback message that you get after submitting an answer in the practice sets. It gives you a simple logic behind the correct answer and that comes up in either situation whether you choose the correct answer or the wrong. 

The reason behind giving feedback in case of a wrong answer is quite obvious, right? But you might wonder why we give feedback in the case of a right answer. So, as these practice sets are MCQ based, there is a chance of your answer being a fluke or maybe the logic you used to answer wasn’t accurate but it anyways gave you the right answer. To avoid these situations and to ensure that you know the correct logic behind the right answer, we give you feedback in the case of the right answers too. 

No Usage Limit 

Finally, another feature of our app that takes away the judgmental factors is no usage limit. If you want to explore the entire subject in a day- Do it. If you feel exhausted today and can’t learn more than one or two topics- that’s fine. We will never decide how much content consumption should happen from your end, nor will we judge you on how much you end up consuming. So, go ahead and have it your way. 


All that together makes iPrep an entirely personalised non-judgemental learning platform. So, if you are contemplating joining iPrep, you should remember that we will not judge you on your learning style or pace at any point. We will just be consistently there to help you learn better and unlock your most tremendous potential. 

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