How Animated Video Lessons Can Secure Better Learning For Students?

“Hey, Mom and Dad, I want to watch cartoons.” What’s the first picture you get in your mind when you hear this from your child? Was it the recent cartoon you watched with them on TV? Or was it their favorite animated series they watch every day? Is there any chance this sentence can give you thoughts about studying or learning what they do in school? Is that even possible? Don’t worry; we won’t throw any more questions at you, but we would like to answer the last one. In the current times, “Everything Is Possible” with the presence of resources like Animated Video Lessons. This article is specially written for parents whose children are still in school. So do read this article thoroughly if you are one. 

Learning has come a long way in the last few years. It is no longer restricted to traditional mediums, including books, notes, or blackboards. With consistent evolution, the world is now exploring various new mediums for learning that can be much more engaging than these traditional mediums to ensure better understanding and knowledge retention. This is what led to the use of Animated video lessons for learning. 

Do you remember when animation was mostly just a source of entertainment in the form of cartoons? As a school student, your child must have resorted to animated videos for fun in their free time apart from school, tuition, or coaching classes. So basically, there was close to no connectivity between animations and learning. But, slowly, animations started becoming a part of learning through the creation of animated video lessons. 

There is a slight chance that you don’t know what kind of videos we are talking about. For the possibility of you not knowing about it, allow us to give you an understanding of what animated video lessons are.

What are Animated Video Lessons?

Animated video lessons are short, animated videos that teach a particular lesson at a time. They are short, educational animations that teach key concepts in a fun and engaging manner. These are perfect for your child as a school student who wants a quick and easy overview of a particular topic. They are also a great source of learning as they provide engaging content that is both informative and entertaining. 

These videos are usually between five and ten minutes long and cover almost all topics and subjects taught in school. They serve as a great tool to cater to all the new challenges currently coming up as barriers in terms of focus and attention span. That’s because an animated video lesson is designed to keep your child’s focus and attention intact for a long time.

There’s no doubt that these animated video lessons are highly beneficial for learning. But that’s not all. There are many other benefits that these lessons can generate for your children as students who use them for learning. What are those benefits? Let’s find out.

Benefits Of Learning By Animated Video Lessons

Some of the benefits that your children can reap from using animated video lessons for learning are as follows:

Animated video lessons simplify complex subjects and topics
A School Kid Learning Photosynthesis With Animated Video Lessons On iPrep
A School Kid Learning Photosynthesis With Animated Video Lessons On iPrep

While reading a book or simply going through a text from the course, your child may face an instance where they can’t understand the topic due to its complexity or difficulty level. This situation is where animated video lessons can be of huge help. 

One of the primary benefits of animated video lessons is that they make complex subjects and topics easier to understand. They do this by taking away all the complex vocabulary and using simple language that even young learners can understand. As also visible in the image attached above, these Animated Video lessons use real-life connected visuals to explain difficult concepts like Photosynthesis which makes it easy to understand and the learning stays for a long.

Additionally, by adding audio and visuals to this simple language, animated video lessons add a real-life experience to the concept. That makes it much easier for children to relate to and deeply understand highly complex subjects and topics.

They Stimulate Interest

Animated videos are often fun and engaging to watch. This makes them an attractive option for children who may find traditional learning formats like books and notes dull or monotonous. To elaborate, it can help your child to build interest and engage in learning instead of being bored or disinterested in the material, thus delivering a greater learning output. Additionally, these videos are short, so they don’t overstay and will not exhaust your child’s patience.

They Ensure Improved Understanding

The incorporation of animated videos has significantly improved the understanding and engagement of intelligent students like your child. A study by the University of Colorado found that students who watched animated videos learned 66% more than those who didn’t. Now you only tell us, won’t your child understand a topic better if they can see a live example while it is being explained to them? This live example is what these animated video lessons will bring you. 

That is why it is evident that using animated videos is an excellent way to ensure students are engaged and actively learning. When used in conjunction with other instructional methods, such as textbooks, notes, and practice, animated videos can help your child not just receive but understand concepts.

They Enhance Memory Retention/ Learning stays for a longer time

The visuals and interactive elements present in these lessons can help your child retain the information they are being taught. Let us ask you two quick questions to prove this is true.

Q.1. Do you recall what you read in the newspaper and what exact conversation you had with someone a year back?
Q.2. Do you recall the story and scenes of the movie you saw a year back?

The answer to the first question here is less likely to be YES as we may recall the latest readings and conversations we had but remembering the ones we had so long back is next to impossible. However, the answer to the second question will be mostly YES. The reason is that a combination of visuals and audio aligned with a story and a pinch of real-life experience is bound to stay longer in the human memory. This is especially true when you liked it and watched it interestingly.

This exactly is how animated video lessons work. Their combination of videos, audio, and real-life experience is highly engaging and exciting. The kid in your child who is playing a part of a school student is bound to like them and keep them in memory for longer.

A fruitful source of entertainment

No matter how they are being used, the best part of animated video lessons is that they’ll always be entertaining. So, when these animated videos are used as lessons for intelligent students like your child, they serve a dual purpose of learning and entertainment. That is why these animated video lessons are considered one of the most fruitful sources of entertainment. 

This makes it perfect for your child, especially when they have trouble concentrating or need extra assistance with their studies. So if you’re looking for something fun and educational at the same time for your child, animated video lessons are the perfect solution.

They appeal to all learners of different ages and levels of schooling

Whether your child takes a lot of time to grasp learnings or whether they learn it quickly. Whether they are a beginner in a subject or whether they are completely proficient. Or whether they are in class 1 or class 12th. These animated videos are perfect for them. They’re easy to follow and understand, so even the most beginner learner can comprehend them. And because they cover a wide range of topics with required depth, every learner that watches them can gain a whole understanding of the topic. And that is how iPrep caters to all individual learning levels of school students.

Learners can learn more with ease

Let’s reconsider all the benefits mentioned above. Animated video lessons simplify complex subjects, stimulate interest, improve understanding, stay in the memory for a long, and are a fruitful source of entertainment. All these benefits can work together to push your child to learn more and more. And as these tutorials are easy to understand and learn from, learning more and more with them will also be easy for your child as a learner.

With all these benefits, animated video lessons can be highly effective for learning. But no random educational animated video on the internet can play the same role here. There need to be some essential elements present in these animated video lessons for them to deliver the desired outcome. What are those? Let’s have a look.

Elements that should be present in the animated video lessons

Some of the key elements that should be present in animated video lessons are:

> A clear and concise educational message- These lessons should be clear and to the point, to avoid miscommunication and distractions.

> Engaging and visually appealing graphics-  These should be animated in an engaging way to keep things interesting for the learners.

> A catchy and attention-grabbing soundtrack and voiceover- To add to the overall atmosphere of the lesson.

> Appropriate and relevant content- The content and visuals used in these videos should be appropriate according to the age of the learners. They should also be applicable or relatable as it will make it easier for them to grab the learning.

When these elements are present, animated video lessons can be an excellent way to educate and engage young learners. 

How Can iPrep Contribute?

iPrep as a platform has enabled animated video lessons to deliver an easy-to-understand and practical learning experience. The animated video lessons on the iPrep app are designed with the-

  • High-quality animations and audio for clear delivery of learnings
  • Real-life connections for better understanding
  • Coverage of each topic and each subject from classes 1st to 12th to cater to all learners
  • Short, concise, and to-the-point explanation of the topics for quick learning
  • Zero limitations on the number of times a learner can watch a video or the number of videos that a learner can watch in a day
  • A progress tracker that records information over the duration for which a learner watches each video content to keep a good track of the learning progress
  • Supporting content categories like practice, tests, syllabus books, and notes for achieving complete mastery of the topics (all covered within one single subscription)
  • Every necessary element of animated video lessons, as mentioned in the previous section

In short, with the help of the iPrep app, young school-going learners like your child can get the resources they need to learn unlimitedly. All that in ways that are not just interesting, enjoyable, and engaging but will also stay with your child for a long time. Enrolling in iPrep will secure a convenient, enjoyable, holistic, and unlimited learning experience. Claim a 7-day free trial now.


Animated video lessons are a great way to secure better learning for school students. They provide a fun and engaging way to learn, which makes it easier for students to retain the information. iPrep, as the ultimate learning app, can contribute by providing unlimited access to high-quality animated video lessons and various other categories of educational content. The content on the iPrep app will cater to all the learning needs of young school-going learners. So, if you are looking for an enjoyable but at the same time effective learning platform for your child, iPrep can be your go-to app.

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