About Us

iPrep is driven by a vision of an integral, holistic & personalised growth platform for all learners irrespective of their grade, language, learning style, board, location and socio economic status.

We have designed iPrep with a purpose to break all barriers to learning, whether it is type of educational content, access to different classes & mediums of learning, cost and anything else that restricts a student to LEARN UNLIMITED.

iPrep is also a way to bring together the entire ecosystem of learning & teaching on a single platform. With the Coach section integrated within iPrep, schools, teachers, home tutors, coaching centres can all use iPrep as a single source of learning & teaching, thereby bringing great clarity for the students.

Our Values


Create world class products, have the best processes for operations & systems for communication & team bonding


You may be motivated about the work you do, but if you are not disciplined, you won’t go far


No one is bigger, smaller or lesser important than the other. We are all equals. Humbleness is a virtue we follow with all our heart

Willingness to Learn

Strong focus on continuous learning and upskilling. We learn from outside, from our team members and from ourselves