iPrep- One Stop Learning App For K-12

iPrep- One Stop Learning App For K-12

“Learning” is a term very commonly used and talked about, but not many know its power. Learning can do wonders for anyone at any point, but it can cause severe ineffectiveness and harm if not done properly.
In the current times, there has been an enormous shift from the traditional way in which learning was carried out. Being struck by Covid was shocking for all of us. But it opened the gates for a full-fledged acceptance of the digital form of learning.
It was an opportunity for school students to have as much fun as possible. They are kids after all, and notoriousness is a prominent trait in their case. They slept, ate, played, and did almost everything while attending these digitally run online classes as they slowly accepted this new way of learning.
Students Having Fun In Online Classes
This shift, though, brought some severe issues with it. Due to the classes being remote, they didn’t allow teachers to give special attention to students, which is necessary for some subjects, topics, or for some individual students. This must have created learning gaps and loss of interest for some students, which is not at all good news.

Even now, when schools are open physically, and students regularly attend them, they will face various difficulties in learning in their current grades. The obvious reasons will be their two years long learning gaps and a complete or partial lack of interest.

Especially when it is time for self-learning, consistency and commitment will be hard to find. There will still be teachers and tutors in schools and tuitions to ensure that a student is focusing on learning. But at home, when self-learning, no external force can ensure effectiveness until the will to learn comes from the inside.

This created a sudden and dire need for a learning platform that can bring back the interest and will to learn of these young minds and ensure they learn and grow effectively by clearing all their learning gaps.

That inspired us to create iPrep- the one-stop learning app for students of classes 1 to 12 that covers all subjects and topics.

How does iPrep facilitate all those needs, and what new and unique does it bring to the table? The answer lies further in this article, where we’ll take you through a detailed introduction to the iPrep app.

Table of contents here:

  1. What is iPrep
  2. Multiple categories of content are present in the iPrep app
  3. What new does iPrep offer in terms of digital learning?
  4. What makes iPrep better than other similar apps in the market?
  5. How to get started with iPrep?
  6. The complete package of iPrep

What Is iPrep?

iPrep is an all-new learning platform specially designed for the holistic growth of the young minds of our society. Through this, we aim to enable universal access to learning and development for all learners. The app is rich with academic content for all subjects from 1st to 12th using multiple digital content categories.

These categories are designed to fit the different learning preferences of diverse learners. Apart from academic content, the app also has life skills and growth-based content to help children explore their skills and develop a sense of compassion, wisdom, and citizenship. Let's first discuss the various subjects covered by the iPrep app with the help of the table below.

Main Subjects- for classes 1st to 10th

   Maths, EVS, Science, Social Science (History, Civics, Geography, Political Science), English
Literature, English Grammar, Hindi Vyakaran, Computer.

For classes 11th and 12th

Medical / Non-Medical - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths

Commerce - Business Studies, Economics, Accounting, Statistics

Arts - History, Civics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

Other Subjects (upcoming)

    Sanskrit, Home Science, PE, Urdu

Buying a new high-quality device for online learning was a major issue you must have faced in this new digital era. But with iPrep, even that issue won't be an issue. 

The ultimate learning app iPrep smoothly runs on all smart devices, old or new, including mobile phones, tablets, TVs, projectors, laptops, etc. Learners can access it on all operating systems, including Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux. So, no matter what device and OS you have, iPrep will be the right choice for you. 

It also brings a holistic approach to learning through various categories of content that go beyond just knowing what's in the course. Talking about multiple types of educational content present on the iPrep platform, let's discuss them in our next section. 

Multiple Categories Of Content Present In The iPrep App

Animated Video Lessons: Story-based animated learning videos with real-life connections are designed to build a conceptual understanding of every topic. 

Practice Questions with Feedback: MCQ-style questions on every topic with instant feedback for students to build 100% mastery on all issues and be exam ready.

Syllabus Books: Access to all subject-wise and chapter-wise CBSE syllabus books and the same for other state boards, including- Maharashtra Board, Uttarakhand Board, MP Board, and UP Board, based on NCERT books curriculum on a single platform. 

Notes: Maths and Science class notes for 6th to 12th, and commerce subjects’ notes for class 11th and 12th designed for quick revision. Very useful for exam preparation.

DIY Projects: & Practicals: Students can design projects and create experiments using readily available materials with DIY Project videos. These are perfect for practical learning and co-curricular activities. The Practical videos will prepare students for their lab experiments in Maths and Science subjects.

Digital Book Library: A fantastic collection of stories, poems, biographies, and books on Arts, Literature, Science, and much more.

Test Preparations: A collection of highly efficient and up-to-date test series to prepare for post-school competitive exams. Like IIT-JEE, NEET etc. . 

All these content categories work together to provide a holistic learning experience to all the learners who join our platform. Now let's go deeper into understanding the various features you'll find inside the iPrep app. 

Enjoyable Learning Content On The iPrep App

What New Does iPrep Offer In Terms Of Digital Learning?

While coming up with the iPrep platform, we witnessed various barriers to learning faced by school students. The first barrier we found was the Language barrier, where students get access to learning content only in one specific language. 

Being a student, didn't you find it difficult when all you did was talk in Hindi at home, but suddenly you were asked to talk and learn in English in schools, tuitions or coaching institutes? 

The other barrier that we found to be very common were the Learning gaps. What are learning gaps? These are the gaps created in your learning due to your inability to cover or properly understand some topics from the curriculum. For example- if you score a passing mark, i.e. 40% in your 9th class, you'll still be promoted to 10th, but the 60% you weren't able to score is your learning gap. 

So let us ask you this, was there any way your learning gaps were addressed? No right? This can become a huge barrier for effective learning as with time, when these learning gaps are not addressed, they grow with every new class you get promoted to and can even stop you from performing well in school. 

And finally, another barrier we addressed was a Lack of adequate progress tracking. There was either complete control over a child's progress or no track. Neither proved effective as one may make the students rigid towards learning, and another may make them careless. 

As our main aim was to eliminate all these barriers to effective learning, we did our best by adding features that could effectively break these barriers. How? Let's have a look.  

Language change option

With this feature, you can change your preferred language between English and Hindi even in the middle of your learning journey. So if you cannot understand something in the language you chose first, change it and learn it in the other language with just one click. 

iPrep App Runs In Both English & Hindi

Class change option

This will enable you to switch between classes in the middle of your learning experience. You can go back and clear all the learning gaps you have from your previous classes. You can also prepare for your future classes if you believe you have achieved 100% mastery in your current class. This feature can be highly beneficial to help you in making major decisions in schools, like choosing a stream for classes 11th and 12th. You can just review the learning content of these classes and check if they'll be appropriate for you before making the final decision.

Class Change Feature

My Reports Feature

This will draw a fine line between complete control and no track of progress at all. Students themselves or their parents can keep a sound check of their progress and ensure no page is left unturned. 

My Reports Feature

These features are enough for iPrep to create a unique and highly effective learning experience that you as learners will enjoy thoroughly. But how do these features make iPrep any better than similar apps in the market? Let's have a look. 

What Makes iPrep Better Than Other Similar Apps In The Market?

Various characteristics of the iPrep app make it way better than similar learning applications or platforms in the market. Those include- 

> Enjoyable Content

A learner will never be self-motivated to learn if the content they use for learning isn't enjoyable or interesting. The Animated video lessons and additional story books we have enabled are so interesting and enjoyable that they will always keep a learner engaged when learning. 

So if you are a student or a parent of a school-going child, don't worry as studies will no longer be boring. And as you'll now enjoy learning, it will stay with you for longer. 

> Non-judgemental learning experience

Irrespective of how well a student performs in school, there will be unique language gaps, learning gaps, and learning pace for each. We all must have been there multiple times where we stopped ourselves from asking a question, clarifying a doubt, or attempting something. We do that because we fear being judged or called out for our learning gap, language gap or a maybe slower learning pace.

These judgments are highly common; however, iPrep as a platform is entirely free of these judgments. Our features like language switch, class switch, and progress tracking empower learners to learn whatever they need, however they need and whenever they need without any judgement. 

We'll never ask you those hurtful questions like "why are you not able to read properly?" or "you are in class 10th, then why don't you know the answer to this?". We know these questions hurt a lot and create a wall between us and active participation in learning. But don't worry; with iPrep, you'll never go through this and can still reach complete effectiveness in learning.    

> Holistic approach to learning

Learning just what is in the curriculum is not enough for learners to unlock their growth potential. They'll require a holistic learning approach that not just focuses on their school-related studies but facilitates the overall development of their minds. 

A fantastic collection of stories, poems, biographies, and books on Arts, Literature, Science, and much more in the digital book library enabled in our platform is mainly for this. 

These books will provide necessary life lessons to learners to keep them engaged in learning and help them grow and develop their minds holistically. We also have DIY Project videos where one can design and create experiments using readily available materials. These are perfect for practical learning and co-curricular activities. 

These books and videos will also help you develop or identify your passion which you can start focusing on and following down the line. 

> Personalised learning

A pre-decided schedule or timetable for learning is bound to create learning gaps for those who can't catch up and restricts those who can do even more than decided. Also, a possible misalignment with the school's schedule or timetable can create a mismatch. It can be a massive hindrance to effective learning. 

Therefore, our platform enables a completely personalised learning model to allow you to learn according to your capabilities and requirements. You want to prepare for a test tomorrow, watch animated videos for that topic, revise what you learned in school today, attempt a practice test for the same topic, and so on. With iPrep, you get to learn as per your requirement and as per your comfortable pace of learning.  

We have designed this feature to help you become responsible and self-confident. We all know that these two qualities are highly important for doing well in school and life as a whole.  

> Unlimited learning

Limiting the amount of learning you as students can consume in a given time will only stop you from doing your best. What if you want to learn 4 subjects today? What if you want to revisit and revise the entire course today itself? With iPrep, you can. 

We believe that the young minds within us are like birds. They are not made to be caged by limits or boundations. They are made to fly and explore as much as they can. Keeping that in mind, we haven't put any limitations or restrictions on the amount of content a learner can consume using our platform. You will now be able to learn as much as possible and go beyond restrictions or limitations with iPrep. 

Now, as we have explained why you should choose the iPrep learning app, let us explain how you can start your learning journey with iPrep. 

How To Get Started With iPrep?

You must follow some easy steps to start your learning journey with iPrep. Those include- 

  • Download the iPrep- Learning App for 1-12 (12MB) from your relevant app store or land at www.iprep.in

  • Log in using your mail id or mobile number 

  • Please choose your preferred language (you can change it anytime you want within the learning journey)

  • Select your board 

  • Enter your details, including your name, email address, and your class

  • Select your stream (only for classes 11th and 12th)

  • Carefully go through the available content

  • Start your learning experience

We provide a full access card-free free trial for 7 days, which will help you decide on purchasing our yearly subscription plan. 

You may wonder, what do we provide in our subscription plan, and how much can that cost you? Well, let's discuss that now in our last section. 

The Complete Package Of iPrep

When you decide to purchase the subscription plan of the iPrep learning app, we offer you a complete package of what you'll require for a holistic learning experience in one single blanket subscription and one single price. This package includes high-quality content, home learning convenience, an easy-to-use platform, unlimited learning, and a holistic learning experience. All that at a highly affordable price. 

It might be a shock, but the entire 1-year subscription to the iPrep learning app comes for just INR 3000. This price is even less than the price of hard copies of books for one single class or that of a test series as efficient as ours. This price point has been adopted to eliminate the lack of affordability from quality learning up to a great extent. 

As already discussed, we also provide you with a 7-day truly free trial without asking for any card or bank details. You get unlimited access to our platform in this trial period to help you decide to purchase our subscription. So, make sure to make the best use of it. 

So, what are you waiting for? Download the iPrep app now and start your Unlimited Learning Journey with us.