Uttarakhand Tablet DBT Scheme

Uttarakhand Free Tablet Scheme through
Direct Benefit Transfer to Govt School Students of Classes 10th and 12th

Uttarakhand Tablet Scheme
The Uttarakhand Government has launched a visionary initiative of giving free tablets for students of class 10th and class 12th studying in the government schools of Uttarakhand.
Earlier, a tender was being executed to procure and distribute the tablets preloaded with digital content to students, but recently the honourable Chief Minister has announced that the free tablets shall be distributed through Direct Benefit Transfer.

Under this scheme, Rs. 12000/- shall be transferred directly to the bank accounts of all government school students of Class 10th and Class 12th in Uttarakhand. The school principals, Block Education Officers and Chief Education Officers of all districts will guide and help students to directly purchase the educational tablets preloaded with NCERT digital content.
The Uttarakhand School Education Department has specified the minimum specifications for the tablets to be purchased as below:


This free tablet for students of uttarakhand board project has been designed very efficiently with clear guidelines being issued on the purchase, verification and long term educational use of the tablet. Some of the key guidelines and highlights of the scheme as per the Uttarakhand school education department are:

  1. The schools will appoint a nodal teacher as the person responsible for helping students understand the scheme, shortlist the best suited tablet with digital content and then guide them to purchase it directly
  2. The school principals, teachers and nodal officers will guide and help students but the learning tablets shall be purchased directly by the student/parent and not through the school
  3. A copy of the invoice of the tablet purchase shall be deposited and kept at the school level, and the school authorities will also match the invoice and the tablet purchased to ensure that requisite and appropriate quality of tablet has been purchased and the invoice is duly as per the actual product purchased
  4. In case the student spends less than Rs. 12000/- the remaining money shall be taken back from them and if they spend more than Rs. 12000/- then they will have to pay the additional money on their own
  5. Preloaded Digital Content including DIKSHA and NCERT based video lessons, NCERT Digital Books and NCERT Question Banks for all subjects of Class 10th and Class 12th should be preloaded on the tablets

The covid crisis brought the digital gap to the fore and made the governments realize the non availability of digital learning devices with rural government school students. Many such committed state governments are working hard to create schemes for ensuring that every last mile rural student has his/her own educational tablet for studying, on which they can learn digitally and use that device as their one stop supplementary digital education source for all learning needs. 

At iDream Education, we have been working with a vision to ensure last mile digital learning access, and therefore long before covid we had been working on affordable and state board aligned, preloaded educational tablets for students in Government schools. We have executed various social sector projects in tablets and distributed preloaded educational tablets to govt school beneficiaries across 16 states in India. You can read more about our initiative here

We deeply respect this visionary step by the Respected CM of Uttarakhand Shri. Pushkar Singh Dhami ji and would aspire to see this scheme implemented in a planned and efficient manner, so as to ensure that best of educational value reaches the last mile school students in Uttarakhand.

Especially for this DBT Scheme free Tablets for Uttarakhand Board, we are working to facilitate the best of preloaded digital content for Classes 10th and 12th as per NCERT and Uttarakhand Board Syllabus on the tablets. 

You can reach read about our solution for Preloaded Educational Tablet for Uttarakhand Board here:

We can work with any reliable tablet hardware brand or organisations working in the education sector and offer:

  1.  Ready to use preloaded tablets for students as per this scheme
  2.  Pre-loaded SD Cards – just insert the SD card in a tablet, install the app and begin learning
  3. Content on cloud – Download the digital content folder and the app from a link. Copy the content into the internal memory of the tablet, install the app and begin learning

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