5 Simple Ways For You to Learn Quickly And Effectively

5 Simple Ways For You to Learn Quickly And Effectively

“Quick but fruitless and effective but late are both equally wrong.” 

This statement is entirely relevant when it comes to learning. School students who learn too quickly but forget it later will be unable to crack it. That is because they do rote learning, which will not stay with them for long. 

On the other hand, students who learn by profoundly understanding the information but take too much time will also face issues as they won’t be able to cover it all. There will be learning gaps created in both situations.

Therefore, students should aim to learn both quickly and effectively. It should not take much time for them to learn something, but the learning should stay with them for a long time. 

Several reasons can cause either of these problems, but the good news is that there are many ways to overcome them. In this article, we will explore 5 simple ways for school students to learn quickly and effectively. 

Learning Quickly And Effectively

By implementing these strategies, you can close the learning gaps in your education and become a successful student! Those strategies are- 

1. Breaking down big goals into manageable tasks 

One of the best ways for school students to learn quickly and effectively is by breaking down their learning goals into manageable tasks. When students see a subject as a whole or the entire course, they can feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. 

Therefore, they should take the time to break their goal into smaller tasks like different subjects, chapters, or even topics within those chapters. That way, they will be able to focus on one thing at a time and ultimately be more effective in learning. 

Additionally, this will help them to feel more confident as they complete each small task and see their progress. But will it not be difficult for students to break the chapters into these small parts and then cover and manage them all effectively?

There is no need to be worried about it, as the iPrep app will be there to help. In our learning app iPrep, every subject and each chapter within those subjects is divided into small topics following the Board’s curriculum. 

Each of those topics has its own videos, practices, tests, parts of course books, and even notes. So, no more feeling overwhelmed or confused over where to start; with iPrep, everything will fall in place. 

2. Find what works for you

Every student learns differently, and what works for one student might not work for another. You must find what learning resource works best for you and rely more on them. This is because when you learn using the resource that suits your learning habits, you are bound to learn better and more quickly. 

Some students prefer watching topic videos, while others prefer reading notes. Some students might learn best by practising, while others may find course books the best resource for learning. 

The best way forward is to experiment with all the available options and choose what serves you best. These experiments will give you a taste of all. They will make you comfortable with all the learning resources, which can be helpful at times of the unavailability of your preferred resources. But how will they find access to all these different kinds of resources? Will it not be too expensive to purchase all of them?

Don’t worry at all, as iPrep will be there to help. The iPrep app has multiple categories of highly enjoyable learning content, including Animated video lessons, practice sets, tests, course books, class notes, and additional books. A learner gets access to all these categories under one single subscription. So, try them all and discover what works best for you. 

3. Practice on the go

Another key to learning quickly and effectively is practising what you have learned until you have perfected it. If you just learned a new concept, consolidate your knowledge by practising it as much as possible. Repetition will help embed the concept in your memory so that you can recall it more quickly in the future.  

You can practise in several ways, such as solving questions, writing formulas, or attempting practice sets or tests. Just make sure you regularly practise so that you can retain the information and put it to use when you need it. But how can a school student find a practice set for every topic they must cover? 

Yet again, iPrep will be there to rescue you. The iPrep app comes with Topic-wise practice sets covering all the topics within the curriculum and Chapter-wise tests to cover every chapter. Both have an inbuilt mastery bar which increases with every correct answer. So, practice until you reach 100% mastery on every topic.

4. Write things down 

Writing things down is a great way to learn quickly and effectively. When you write something down, you are more likely to remember it. This is because you use more senses to learn the information. ‘

You are not only hearing or seeing the information, but you are also physically writing it down. This helps your brain to process the information in a different way, which can help you to remember it better. 

But, doing this in live online or physical classes can be difficult, and students may miss out on a lot of information while trying to catch up. Then how can students do it effectively?

Yes, the answer is “By using iPrep”. The iPrep app comes with animated video lessons that students can watch as many times as they want and can pause in between to note important information. That way, it will be much easier for students to write things down and learn more quickly and effectively.

5. Take help when needed

When a student cannot understand something that maybe their classmates can catch easily, they are very commonly subjected to judgement. They may get judged by the teacher or their fellow classmates, which may make them lose confidence and stop them from asking for help next time. So, how do students clear their doubts or learning gaps without being judged?

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you have a learning gap and need help. If you struggle to understand a concept, reaching out for help is essential. However, the fear of judgement can stop you from reaching out. 

That, too, can be possible by using the iPrep app. As we already discussed, with iPrep, you can consume a piece of content as often as you want until you fully understand the topic. 

iPrep will also be helpful in the case of a learning gap. These learning gaps are usually created when a student cannot understand a concept because their basics on that topic aren’t clear, which were covered in their previous grade in school. In this case, the iPrep app’s class change feature comes in handy.

When learning with iPrep, a student can quickly go to junior class and consume the learning content to clear all their basics and therefore learning gaps. This will help you to understand the concept better and provide you with resources that can help you to learn more effectively. And on top of that, there won’t be anyone to judge you here. We provide all class content in one subscription without any limitations or restrictions to class switch. 


To conclude, we believe we have proven our point by making you understand how these tips can ensure an effective learning experience for school students. Go ahead and follow these tips and empower yourself to learn both quickly and effectively. 

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